Thursday, July 05, 2001

Open source struggles with .NET Here's an extended piece claiming that an easier software distrubution system will somehow combat .NET. What the poster does not understand is that the open source debate is about who controls the code, and the .NET debate is about who controls the network. The boys over at slashdot understand the former, but not the latter.

Too much email Here's an NY Times article (subscription needed) about how people have too much email in their inbox. The reason for this is clear -- 1) people coming from the PC world do not know how to handle digital information in the networked world, and 2) Windows/Outlook has no easy way to move plaintext from email to the computer's file system. Instead of messing about with antiquated PC-based interfaces, open source GUI efforts like GNOME and KDE should draw from their network histories and build front-ends that help people manage digital information.


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