Monday, July 09, 2001

Quick clips Here are some quick stories of interest:
Even though Eazel has packed up, their code lives on, one of the benefits of open source.

The UK government has backtracked in their unthinking support of Microsoft. Turns out that Hailstorm does not give citizens the privacy protection they are entitled to.

The Economist twigs what readers of Kuro5hin have known for years: flat-rate streaming services lose more money as they get popular. We'll see how long it takes for that to sink into the larger conciousness. Shorewalker makes the same point. Clue to companies: sack anyone who thinks video-on-demand over IP is a good idea.

Here's a very long article that goes through .NET in detail from a functionality perspective. Clay Shirky comments on it here, Dave Winder here, and Webword here. Thanks to Webword for the article.

UCITA seems to have been stopped, at least for a while. Thank your friends at Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions coalition (

Oh, and Microsoft continues to abuse its monopoly position, this time with Kodak.


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