Monday, December 03, 2001

Microsoft will break TCP/IP Microsoft's horrible security record is a feature, not a bug. The use of raw sockets on Windows XP means the entire operating system will become a hotbed of viruses, which mostly propogate through the abomination that is Outlook on desktops. The Borg will blame TCP/IP and insist on its own, secure version of network protocol (which will only work with Windows, btw.) Moreover, this protocol stack will only support Microsoft media types, so goodbye Java, Quicktime, and Real, hello .NET. Microsoft's security guy going to work at the White House will make sure the law will back Redmond as it continues to put the Internet in its trunk.

(Who knows how true the above is, but it fits the fact and I wouldn't put it past them. It's difficult to see how anyone who knows anything about the tech. industry would be comfortable supporting Microsoft. The company has proven time and again that it's completely untrustworthy.)


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