Thursday, March 21, 2002

Doc implies I'm right wing Maybe I was unfair to label Doc a "lefty". He describes himself as an anti-war, registered independent, libertarian. He also beleives there is an Economics of Altruism and is currently adrenalized about protecting Internet freedoms.

Regular winterspeak readers would recognize protecting Internet freedoms is also something I'm adrenalized about. But not having Doc's experience in the field I must rely on Chicago school Law & Economics to figure out what's "good for soceity" (Doc assumes if it's good for the Internet, it's good for society, and I mostly agree). So to answer Doc's question, "Is Tauzin-Dingell good for the Internet?" I'd have to answer "Yes." It prevents inefficient entry (which TA96 encouraged) and gives telcos the resources to upgrade equipment. (I'll write up broadband/telco regulation later today.)

Now I don't like telcos, and I don't trust telcos, and I'd keep my eye on them, but TA96 was bad, unworkable legislation, and we should be glad if it goes. (Btw. If anyone cares I'm about as right wing as The Economist.)


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