Thursday, April 18, 2002

Digital TV remains dead Digital television was cooked up by Zenith to prop up the US television manufacturing industry (i.e. itself) in 1989. The FCC allocated spectrum it didn't have to this new medium "at the behest" of Congress for free, never mind if people actually wanted to use spectrum for this. The shill used to sell this was "higher resolution" although since the soap and cornflake companies that actually pay for broadcast TV don't care about resolution, all we'll get is "more channels". If we get anything at all.

To date, digital TV has been an utter failure. No one wants to buy the expensive, useless digital sets, so no one wants to broadcast the expensive, useless digital signals. Goaded by Hollings' (Dem S. Carolina and wholly owned subsidiary of Disney, Inc) nightmarish SSSCA bill, electronics manufacturers have agreed to build digital restrictions management systems into the sets. This prevents recording TV signals. If digital TV was less utterly pointless, I'd care.


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