Friday, May 07, 2004

Venture Financing for Video Games

I had the good fortune of meeting Greg Costikyan a number of times when I lived in New York. Greg is a games designer, and he runs an excellent blog that talks about, well, games. He has a write up to a piece by Gordon Gould on why the games industry needs venture-style financing to grow as production costs sky-rocket. While, as Greg is always reminding us, games are a very different media than movies, the fact that they are both hit driven industries with expensive stars and high production costs suggests that they may end up being very similar businesses.

Incidentally, Gordon Gould is the founder and presumably still CEO of Upoc, whose site I designed when I worked at Creative Good waaay back in 2000. At that time, text messaging was pretty unknown in the US, and I'm glad to see that the site, and business, has matured since then. They were a cool company and a great client. Small world.


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