Monday, March 14, 2005

Worst website ever

I just used what had to be the worst intranet HR website ever. The point of the site was to peruse and apply for internal positions. You fill out a form detailing what jobs you were interested in, and what your geographic preferences are.

"USA" does not appear in the first list of country options, but such hopping job markets such as Kyrgistan etc. do. You do not enter a state preference by typing in MA, you must type in "Massachussets".

When the jobs finally do appear, clicking on any of the titles to learn about the job takes you to a new page (which is fine) but also erases all the preferences you just spent 15 minutes typing in. If you want to apply for that job, or look at another one, you must enter all your information in again. Pathetic.

Finally, once you are ready to apply, you get a message saying that "you don't have an approved availability date" and must get that first. Clearly no one has thought hard about how job applications actually happen, or they have thought hard but decided that the traditional, backdoor channels are preferrable to a clearinghouse on the intranet.


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