Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Allchin on Open Source When Microsoft attacks open source, they're really attacking the GPL. They're fine with BSD-style licenses which essentially represent free R&D for the company, but the GPL eliminates commercial software development. Microsoft spins this as "GPL'd code destroys third party development" and they're quite right, it does. The point is that lots of other things also destroy third party development including patents, bundling, tieing, giving software away for free, closed standard, broken standards, draconian licensing policies, prefered networks, etc. all part and parcel of the Microsoft playbook. Microsoft Windows operating-system chief Jim Allchin (who some say is the real power behind the company these days) outlines his plan to get Congress to outlaw sharing.

How ./'ers should lobby Q&A on Slashdot with consumer advocate Jamie Love about how to lobby Congress.


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