Tuesday, January 08, 2002

Macs are still too slow On the subject of Motorola's incompetance, Apple still hasn't broken the 1Ghz barrier. This article goes through good reasons why Apple screwed up, and why there's no light at the end of the tunnel PPC speed wise. But Apple is correct in saying Gigahertz aren't everything, even though not for the reasons they like. In this post-BeOS world, one has to wonder why other software doesn't do a better job optimizing software for hardware. Apple could easily improve the speed experience of it's machines by writing better software AND/OR using multi-processor CPUs. Normally, Apple's not interested in optimizing software speed because it wants to sell faster computers, but given it's current embarrasing sub-1Ghz position, and the speed shortcomings of OS X, nimbler software would help. Moreover, an OS that can use multi-processors well (like *Nix) would find a happy home in multi-processor boxes, something that Apple should like given how Motorola (and IBM) don't seem interested in producting anything much faster than the G3. It would even give Apple a new box to sell.


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