Monday, January 07, 2002

Macworld There is only one topic to blog today: MacWorld. As expected (and leaked by Time Canada) Jobs unveiled the new iMac. It looks like a desklamp, and I fear it will fare as badly as the Cube. But I'll show it to some normal people and see what they think. The iLux (as it's already being called) has impressive specs and I'm glad to see the updated keyboard has extra function keys -- powerup Keyboard Maestro and start building the Goodeasy on OS X.

iPhoto on the other hand, seems unreservedly wonderful. I was on the verge of selling my rarely used FinePix 2400Z digital camera because the awful accompanying software rendered the camera useless. But with iPhoto, it might be insanely great yet. One more reason to upgrade to OS X.

And on the subject of OS X, the pressure to switch continues to build. I beleive OS X is the most important Apple release in the past five years. Expanding the Mac development community by embracing Unix coders, expanding the number of Mac apps by embracing POSIX compliant code, and expanding the technical resources available for kernal development by embracing open source, BSD, and Darwin, dramatically improves Apple's competitive position vis a vis Microsoft. Sadly, fear of the Dock, fear of losing my Goodeasy speed, and fear of shelling out $500 for Office keep me from switching. My Mac is so great now, it's hard to switch to something that has had mixed usability reviews in the press. Maybe OS X.2.

Check out this wonderful keynote blog (hosted by Userland.


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