Thursday, January 10, 2002

Response to Mac speed problems USS Clueless writes an excellent reply to my post on how Mac's can tackle their Mhz problems. He's right in pointing out that Motorola's chip will break 1Ghz eventually, but that it's rate of improvement is lower than Intel/AMD. He's also right in pointing out that software is hard, and writing large, complicated packages, is harder still. Finally, he is also correct in saying a zippier program that's much more expensive will lose to a cheaper program that's out sooner and less fast. The market's spoken eloquently on that many times. But with all the recent Be nostaligia, I started wondering why other OSes can't use hardware as well as Be seemed to. While Apple clearly has no long term incentive to write particularly efficient code (they sell hardware), it's a response they could have used when the PPC stalled.


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