Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Synching is the bane of my existance, update

Recently I wrote about the bad experience I had trying to get my Palm, computer etc. to sync in Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). I ended up contacting the CEO of the company, and it turns out that in Tiger, iSync2.0 forces you to use Apple's address book and calender.

Apple's address book is perfectly adequate for my needs, but their calender is very bad. The key feature it lacks for me is the ability to date tasks -- a task list that shows you every task every day is not useful, I want one that shows you *today's* tasks today and hides tomorrow's tasks until tomorrow. Now-Up-To-Date is the only calender program that does that.

Now Contact, on the other hand, is way too powerful for me. But I'm being pushed to pick between Now-Up-To-Date and Now Contact, or Address Book and iCal, and given how bad iCal is the answer is easy.

So, I am now synching with the Now suite and it's OK. At least it works.

Tomorrow I'll have more thoughts over why the data synchronization experience is still so bad.


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