Thursday, November 01, 2001

RMS, GNU/Linux goes to Hollywood, and Houellebecq I was fortunate enough to chat with Richard Stallman last night when he came to speak at the University of Chicago. I'll write that up here soon.

Slate has a long article about GNU/Linux taking over the graphics heavy lifting that SGI used to do. It has interesting points about amortizing hardware cost across fewer movies, and how the industry has come together to develop the software base they need. Most of GNU/Linux's graphics heavy lifting to date has been for Quake.

(Off topic) Finally, here's a hilarious article about French bomb-thrower Michael Houellebecq. My personal favorite line: "After receiving death threats from Islamic fundamentalists, Houellebecq is now living in a Parisian safe house with his pet corgi, Clement, and is forbidden to leave France except under armed guard." Thanks to CD for the links.


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