Friday, October 26, 2001

Slate degenerates utterly Slate used to be a great magazine. So great, in fact, that I even subscribed to it back in '97. Michael Lewis, James Sureweicki (sp), Paul Krugman, and a whole host of other fantastic writers graced its pages with insight and intelligence. Each redesign has made the site more frustrating to use, and the latest has rendered it utterly unreadable (with Nav 4, Mac OS 9). Just as well it no longer publishes anything worth reading. Slate used to be a steal. Now it costs its worth.

If you can find Lewis' fantastic coverage of the Microsoft trial (before he was booted) check it out. Technology journalism at its finest. I hope someone archives it somwhere. (I recently learnt that Slate's new degraded performance on Netscape coincides with a strategy of degraded performance on non-MSN browsers. This is less obviously stupid than their previous policy of no-performance, this way they get to turn the heat up more slowly.)


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