Friday, January 11, 2002

Housekeeping I recently asked whether people were finding this site hard to read, and got the following excellent responses. Mark Pilgrim writes:
No problems with Mozilla 0.97 on Windows. The person having problems may have been on Linux. I had no end of font problems using Mozilla under Linux, and eventually gave up and set it to use specific fonts (that looked good) and ignore the fonts specified on all web pages.

Jubal Kessler adds:
Tell that mozilla user to install Verdana and Arial truetype fonts from Microsoft's font page, and point Mozilla at them instead.

It's what I'm doing on this RedHat 7.2 laptop. THere may be logistical issues with extracting the fonts from the .exe on Linux, but the workaround is to get a friend to zip the Fonts dir in Windows and send it along.

I don't have a problem reading your site since the Verdana font kicks ass.

This should solve all problems, site stays the same.


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