Monday, January 06, 2003

More telco reg

I'd missed this earlier, but it seems that content cartel hand puppet Fritz Hollings (Senator of South Carolina, Democrat) lost his Commerce Committee chair to John McCain when the Republicans took the house and senate a month ago. It seems that this may free Powell at the FCC to trim some of the arcane and anti-competitive rules currently afflicting the media biz here in the US.

The article raises the same hoary old chestnut of content distributors both 1) raising prices and 2) restricting access, which is ludicrous (as I've said before) because restricting access would simply lower people's willingness to pay, and thus reduce the profitability of raising prices. Telco's, being average in their intelligence but limitless in their greed, have no incentive to spite themselves in this way. But since this fact seems to be only obvious to me, I'm clearly missing something important about how people process this issue. Must investigate further... (link via Tomalak)


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